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Why is gambling so fun?

If you're like me, and you gamble responsibly – without profit as your primary motivator – then you’re probably doing it for the same reason as me: for fun! But why are casino games, table games, and slot machines so fun? What is it about these games that keep people coming back, and why do people choose some games over others, especially knowing that the games they pick might even payout less often than other ones? The way I see it, there are three main reasons. Sure, the potential to win money obviously comes into to play, but these are also fun because a good, challenging, interesting game is just enjoyable, and also – with slot machines in particular – there are often cool animations, exciting sounds, and great music.

So, let’s start with the obvious: THE MONEY! Obviously, if you have the potential to win big, that’s going to make things exciting. Like that time I won $100,000! Or more recently, this massive win, and this one, too. But, since I love slots regardless of winning, I can still have an amazing time, even when I do $5,000 spins LIVE and ultimately win nothing of significance, like I did last week in Las Vegas. Would it have been better to win something big? For sure. But did I have fun anyway? Of course! If you don’t, then you really shouldn’t be gambling at all.

The other thing to consider is whether or not a particular game is enjoyable on its face, even if you were to take money out of the equation. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker are just awesome games to play, whether you’re at a casino, or playing at home with friends for no money at all. The challenge of these games, the math, the odds calculation – it’s all really interesting to people who like fun and games. For someone like me, playing blackjack at the casino for $4,000 a hand raises the adrenaline levels, but it’s not essential for me to have a good time. I have fun with blackjack either way.

But, as you know, my favorite games at the casinos are slots! And there’s a reason why most of them have today evolved into video machines instead of classic, mechanical three-reels. It’s because with the video machines of today, game developers have much more opportunity including amazing, artistic animations, crazy sounds, and enjoyable music. I’ve mentioned some of my favorite slot machines in a past blog post, but these features play a huge role into why I enjoy them so much. In fact, these characteristics are the main reasons why video games are so popular, and you can’t win any money at all playing those.

Sill, for me, the money does play some role in it, and when you add all these things up, in my opinion, the casino just can’t be beat. That’s why I spend so much time there. Plus, when they’re giving players points, comps, and casino promos, from an enjoyment perspective, it’s win-win, even though you know you’re probably going to lose money. But, if you’re doing it right, you get something more valuable in return: fun! And fun should never be underestimated.

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