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My favorite slot machines – Part 1

There must be thousands of different slot machines out there, and no two are exactly alike. So how do you pick favorites? I’ve mentioned before that – contrary to traditional thinking – my favorites aren’t always the ones that pay out the most. (If I were in slots for the money, I’d be sorely disappointed 90% of the time, just like everyone else who plays slots just for the money.) Rather, my favorite games are generally the ones that are simply the most fun to me. If you’ve seen me play often, you’ll already know that three of those machines are Black Widow, Golden Goddess, and Huff N’ Puff. But do you want to know why?

Let’s start with Black Widow. Super exciting bonus rounds always get me, and Black Widow has plenty. One of those, in particular, is the “web catcher” feature. And while I’ve never been able to line up all wilds, I figure that eventually, with the amount of time I spend playing this game, I’ve gotta hit the max sooner or later, right? That challenge is definitely another thing that keeps me coming back.

Golden Goddess also has great features. I really like how, with this game, you can pick the bonus symbol. Of course, I’m always hoping for a good one, even if I don’t often get it. Another great thing about this machine is that it’s not very volatile, which means that you can play Golden Goddess for a lot longer than you might be able to on other machines with the same budget. That’s a win too.

And another win, even when you lose? Well that’s Huff N’ Puff, of course. Gameplay aside, this game just has really cool sound effects, and that goes a long way when you’re hearing nothing but bleeping and blipping for hours on end. And when it comes to the bonus on this one, it’s really cool that you can get a chance to win major and grand jackpots – not every game gives you that opportunity. Plus, did you ever get three hats during a bonus round? More spins! How could anyone not love this game?

Obviously, I have several other favorites too, but we’ll have to get to those another time. For now, I’ve got bonuses to play, cash to win, and (more often), money to lose. So, until next time, hope you guys are all doing great, and I’ll look forward to seeing you during another live stream again soon.

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