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The Raja wants to make you the King of Las Vegas ... So for those of you who have inquired how to support the Big Jackpot, we've created a way, with as little as $5, for you to have a chance at a complimentary trip to Vegas--the Vegas only the highest rollers get to see!  Oh, and you'll be seeing it at the side of the one and only Raja!


One lucky winner will receive airfare for two from anywhere in the US, plus a suite in the same hotel as the Raja, gourmet dinners with him and the gang, and a VIP table at the hottest nightclub in town. You'll be featured in all LIVE events during the trip and can pick up to five different machines for the Raja to play, minimum $1000 each, PLUS $1000 for you to play in any machine in the casino!

Our visits to the casinos now require additional staff--even crowd control--and we now employ a small army of video editors to feed the demand for content.  So this page is a way for fans to show their appreciation and support of the Big Jackpot, and in exchange, we've created the opportunity to win some super cool rewards!

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