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What I do besides slots

At first glance, slots may seem like my entire life, but I can promise you this: It absolutely isn’t. As you may have read before in this past blog post, it doesn’t even account for a fraction of my work life, let alone my personal life. And on the personal side, there are a few things that are very important to me.

First, just like most people, family is of core importance to me. You’ve probably seen me posting pics of my twins all the time on my Instagram, both recent pics and older ones too, from when they were really little kids. These two really are my whole life. Watching them grow up has just been the best thing ever. And outside of the twins, my other family is important to me, too. I’m just compelled to always keep up with how everyone is doing. And these people keep me grounded, as well. As you may have read here, even though I’m frequently in casinos, I’m not a gambling addict in any way, shape, or form, partly because my devotion to my family makes a gambling addiction completely undesirable to me. But without family, who knows?

I also like to gamble in other ways, too – beyond just slots and casinos. I have a second YouTube channel, called Raja Makes Money, where I partake in options trading (almost daily). In many ways, this is just as exciting as slots, and the profit (and loss) potential is much higher. But beyond that, trading helps to keep me current on world financial events, which can be crucially important. And it’s also just plain interesting to me to learn about different companies and trending new businesses; some of the innovation happening lately is just unbelievable.

My third life passion isn’t nearly as serious, but it’s still of vital interest to me: Hockey! First of all, it’s a great team sport – that kind of camaraderie isn’t really possible in a casino (outside of group pulls), and certainly not with options trading. But also, at my age (thirty-something, hahaha), I really need to do something to keep in shape, and hockey does the trick better than most other boring gym-related activities. It’s also helped to make me tougher mentally. And finally, not to intentionally bring it all back to slot machines, but I’m sure you can guess what the thrill of scoring a goal or winning a big game reminds me of…

So, maybe that’s me at the end of the day, after all? Adrenaline junkie? I play slots for the rush of a jackpot. I play the market for the rush of a huge profit. And I play hockey for the rush of an incredible goal. But family, on the other hand – I guess that’s really a different type of rush, one that’s not adrenaline-fueled. That’s a slower burn, a more satisfying experience. And it’s something I wouldn’t ever think of trading for any of the others.

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