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FREEBIES at casinos

You probably already know this, but I spend a LOT of money at casinos. And I lose most of it. Nobody wins at slots long-term. Nobody. But, to incentivize me to keep coming back anyway, casinos offer me (and all big spenders) lots of incredible free stuff, usually in the form of free nights at amazing, luxury hotel suites that most people don’t ever get the opportunity to see. Lucky for you, I record most of my casino experiences, and so I’ve documented some of these hotels for you to check out, if you’re interested! In Vegas, I tend to stay at The Cosmopolitan quite often. Here in Colorado, where I live, they’ll still comp a hotel room for me at The Monarch, which is nice. And more recently, I had some very memorable nights at Hard Rock in Punta Cana. So, let’s explore all three today…

First, have a look at this amazing hotel suite at the Cosmo in Vegas. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before: It might sound kind of silly, but one of the highlights here was the automated toilet seat. Does anyone really need one of these? Of course not, but they’re cool! So why not? Also at this hotel: A steam sauna. After spending hours on the casino floor, it’s definitely nice to unwind in one of these steam saunas. And, to top it off, this place always gives me $300 worth of super high-end care products – you know, full bottles of luxury shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. It wouldn’t be a deal-breaker for me if they didn’t offer it, but it sure is nice that they do.

More local for me, here in Colorado, I frequent The Monarch. They have unbelievable hotel suites, as well, and I recently filmed some video of this one. Have you ever heard for a hotel room with a dry sauna in it? This was definitely the first one I’ve ever seen. Crazy! And can you really beat that mountain view? I seriously doubt it. Also, this room had a really nice private massage area, another great perk after playing high-limit slots for hours on-end.

In Punta Cana, of course, there’s also the added benefit of staying in a tropical paradise, and the perks they offer at Hard Rock certainly try to highlight that. First of all, if you watch this video I shot there, you’ll see an amazing patio with a hot tub and ocean view. Hot tubs are nice. But they’re even nicer while you’re relaxing, staring at the crashing ocean waves. The other advantage of this beachfront property is that, in a suite like this, I’ve had walk-out access, from my room, directly to the beach (or in other situations where that wasn’t possible, they gave me my own personal golf cart to drive around the resort). And I don’t know if they’re expecting me to entertain a dozen people while I’m here, but just in case (I guess), there’s a massive dining and living room area with a full kitchen. Maybe I should have brought a chef, too?

Either way, these perks are definitely a nice bonus. Look, I play slots for the love of the games – not because I expect to win any money (and I usually don’t), and not because of these amazing luxury hotel suites. But hey, if they’re offering, I’ll definitely take them up on it. And if you can ever comfortably afford a mega spending spree at a casino, I highly recommend the experience just the same. If not, no sweat! Just continue to live through my fun experiences, and hopefully, the videos above (and more in the future!) will give you a little taste.

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