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Slot questions answered – Part 1

If you watch my videos, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’ve probably seen me replying to some of your comments and questions there, but there isn’t a ton of space on those platforms for me to give very detailed answers. So here, I’ve decided to answer some of the most common questions I’ve seen – these ones today will be about group pulls, sports betting, and huge slot losses

So let’s start with the most common question I always get about group pulls: “Raja, during your group pulls, how come you are the only person who does the spins, while all of the other people who bought in have to just sit there and watch? That’s a pretty lousy way to do things, and that’s not how some other slot channels do it. What gives?” So, of course, I’m paraphrasing here – some of the less civil people who ask this question are much more nasty about it, but my answer is still the same: Legally, whoever does the spin gets to keep the winnings. Now, they probably wouldn’t do that, but I don’t want to take that chance with everyone else’s money. If I’m the person who pulls and wins, then I trust myself to know that I’ll distribute the winnings evenly to everyone. Why do some other slot channels allow everyone to spin? Maybe they aren’t aware of the legalities I just mentioned, or maybe they aren’t as concerned about the risk – who knows? But I don’t want to take that chance with my participants.

A lot of my fans also ask me about sports betting. Do I like it? Do I do it? Would I consider it? The answer to all three questions is, simply, ‘no.’ Everyone knows I love hockey, but besides that, I don’t much like sports in general. And if I don’t like something, then I can’t really have much fun gambling with it. Plus – and I could be wrong about this – I get the sense that really, only sports-obsessed people have much chance at doing well with sports betting, and I certainly don’t qualify.

Finally, as you may have seen, I get a lot of angry people asking me if I feel bad when I lose $100,000 on slots. Obviously, I don’t feel great about it – I’d rather be winning. But many people are shocked to hear that it doesn’t bother me that much either. It certainly doesn’t destroy me. Now, I have no illusion about how much money that is. $100K is a massive amount of coin, and for the vast majority of people around the world, that amount (and amounts significantly lower, too) can make or break a person’s entire life. But not me – $100K is a very small percentage of my net worth, since I’ve done very well with my main businesses. Losing (or winning) that amount won’t affect my standard of living very much, if at all. My kids won’t go hungry, become homeless, or lose their college money. We’ll all be okay. And when some people hear this, they wonder how I can be so careless about such a large amount of money; they judge me, saying that I should spend it more wisely, on things like charity or job growth. But these people are too ignorant or short-sighted to understand that I also do contribute to multiple charities (which I’ve blogged about in the past here), and that my slot playing does contribute to immense job growth (which I’ve also detailed in this separate blog post too).

Look, I’m not going to blame people for asking questions, but I will blame you for judging me before you hear the answer. Whether we’re talking about group pulls, sports betting, or massive slot losses, there’s a well thought-out reason to most everything I do. I’ll look forward to getting (and answering) more of your questions in the future, too.

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