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My slot play supports charities

I don’t normally like to talk about the charity work I do – makes it feel like I’m patting myself on the back too much. But I’ll make an exception if it means I can get some of you guys to also support charities, and that’s what we’re gonna do here. With everything happening in the world right now, it’s especially important.

This is why, a couple of weeks ago, during one of my live streams, I encouraged all of you to increase your regular YouTube Super Chat donations on my channel, and you guys pulled through like I’ve never seen before! It was one of our biggest nights ever for Super Chats, and we donated all of your contributions to Doctors Without Borders. I also matched your donations (and then some), making the total donation to DWB that night extra special. Founded in 1971, this organization has done some incredible work around the world helping people in conflict zones and countries affected by endemic diseases. And with COVID-19 doing so much damage right now, their work is especially important, so thank you guys for rising to the occasion. Obviously, coronavirus globally is still far from being resolved long-term, so if you’d like to contribute more, here’s where to go…

If we go a few months further back, there’s another great cause that still needs our help. It’s been overshadowed recently by this new pandemic, but please don’t forget that Australia was recently ravaged by wildfires, and they’re still far from total recovery. We tried our best to help out in this video, and again, you guys showed your true humanitarian side. Together, we raised $6,000! And we split it up evenly across these three fantastic charities – all of them could still use your help, including the last one which is also offering COVID-19 relief right now too…

Wires Emergency Fund:

GIVIT Fire Relief:

And finally, not to be ignored, are the various Boys & Girls clubs in this country, which are where we usually donate all the Super Chat money. These people do amazing work, proving after-school programs for young people, who might not have any place to go otherwise. And even though things are pretty dire in the world right now, if you can afford it, we’d love to see more donations to them too. Here are some of the excellent chapters of the Boys & Girls clubs that we’ve supported in the past…

Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Alaska:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Atlantic City:

I know all of these great charitable organizations have been grateful for the donations you and I have made together, so please, if you love slots, and you can afford it, I hope you’ll continue to contribute generously to all of them, both through my Super Chats, and through the links above. We can all still make a difference – together.

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