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My gambling creates jobs?

I’ll be frank: The main reason I play slots is simply because I enjoy it, as you can see in this live stream I did recently. My playing slots isn’t primarily a goodwill mission. But the greatest sources of good in this world rarely are. Bill Gates didn’t set out to create Microsoft as a charity. But today, 148,465 people have jobs, and 89% of all computer users have an operating system they’re happy with, all because he did. Sure, he’s also a very charitable guy, but aren’t the jobs he’s created and the contributions he’s made to technology at least as valuable to society as his donations? I too donate often and frequently. (And I don’t like to draw much attention to it, unless I’m also encouraging others to donate with me, as I did here recently for Australia fire relief.) But, just like with Gates, I think the bigger value I offer to society – outside of my businesses, of course – is that my gambling creates jobs. Yes, you read that correctly. And if you read on, you’ll see exactly how the money I spend on slots creates jobs before I even start playing, while I’m playing, and even after I’ve finished.

But how? Well, first of all, my free app (which you can download here) takes teams of people to put together, update, and promote. But when it comes to real-world gambling, Vegas knows I’m coming, lol. They know that thousands, even millions of other gamblers are coming too. So, realtors are able to earn a living buying and selling the properties that casinos are built on. Hordes of construction workers are suddenly employed for years at a time, building these vast structures. Designers suddenly have jobs planning and putting together casino interiors. Even slot manufacturers receive new purchase orders for new slots machines, and people have to build those too.

And when the casino hotels are finished, and stocked with machines, that’s when I check in and start spending the money that they’re counting on: Hotel check-in agents have jobs, spa employees have jobs, room service waiters have jobs. And then I start gambling… Cocktail servers have jobs, and if I’m lucky and hit handpays (as I do several times in these videos), slot attendants get big tips! (Usually I lose, but that’s better for the casino and their staff anyway, hahaha.)

Even when I’m done gambling for the day, I’ll almost always hit up the restaurants: Servers have jobs, managers have jobs, bussers have jobs, chefs have jobs, even the raw food suppliers have jobs. And then I check out, and the hotel housekeeping staff is put to work too, not to mention the airline staff who help me get home.

This all seems like common sense, I know, but most people don’t even stop to think about it… How many people above are employed because of this process? Hundreds of people? Thousands? Tens of thousands? Of course, all gamblers contribute to these employees’ livelihoods, but the next time you hear someone knocking what us high rollers do, please remind them that we contribute exponentially more. And that’s a good thing any way you slice it. If we stopped gambling tomorrow, thousands would be unemployed. I, for one, don’t want to see that; I’d rather see these people working honest jobs, and, incidentally, I’d rather see as many jackpots as I possibly can, too!

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