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How many jackpots do I hit per year?

JACKPOTS! No, I don’t win ALL the time, and just like everyone else, I lose way more money than I win, but I play so much that I probably win more jackpots than anyone you know. How many jackpots do I hit per year, exactly? Let’s break it down…

If my records are correct, during the first three months of the year, I was averaging about 58 jackpots per week. In January, in just one night, I dropped $30,000 in live slot play in Las Vegas. Look, you play that much, you’re bound to hit some jackpots. February was strong too. Pharaoh’s Fortune, Huff N’ Puff, and Mighty Cash all in one session, with significant jackpots? That’s gonna make an impact. And most of March was great too! I got back to Vegas, and had lots of success on games like Dragon Link: Peace & Long Life, Double Diamond: Wheel of Fortune, and countless others.

Second quarter, as you can probably guess, things slowed down some. Casinos were closed for all of April, so I was mostly involved in online slot play and some live scratch-off lotto tickets. The ‘jackpots’ there aren’t really the same thing. But as we got into May, and casinos re-opened, well I was back at Hard Rock in Tampa, winning serious jackpots on Triple Gold, Lightning Link: Magic Pearl, Plinko, and others. By my count, this probably brought me back up to my 58 jackpot/week average, and as we got into June, we were really rebounding, with about 62 jackpots per week, on games like Jinse Dao and 88 Fortunes.

By the time July rolled around, we were back in full beast mode. Jackpot after jackpot after jackpot, like these ones here at Cosmo Las Vegas. And August was even better, with countless jackpots and a HUGE event with 563 (socially distanced) people. September saw my return to Caesars Palace, where I dropped $69,000 in a single night – that obviously led to some immense jackpots too. I don’t think I hit that peak number of 62 per week – it was more like 60 in this time-frame – but it was a consistent 60, with no more casino closures.

And as we enter October, I’m still right around that 60 jackpot/week number. If this continues for the rest of the year (as it probably will), with a 60 jackpot-per-week average with (fingers crossed), no more shutdowns, then just from simple math, we’re looking at about 3,120 jackpots per year, which is right on pace with my previous years. Yes, that’s a HUGE number. And with so many jackpots, that’s why it’s really nice to have FastPay as an option sometimes (just like I did when I won $63K playing Golden Goddess that one time).

So, there’s your answer – about 3,120 jackpots per year for me. Sound crazy? You should try living it like I do. Even crazier…

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