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The Cosmopolitan’s FASTPAY technology

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Today’s blog post was written by guest blogger, Kevin Sweet (Vice President of Slot Operations & Marketing, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas), an expert in slot machines:

Frequently, I’ll see The Raja in our High Limit Lounge here at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. And when he’s lucky, he seems to love how fast he’s able to receive his handpays. This is all thanks to a technology we’ve implemented called ‘FastPay.’ Scott has told me that not all of his fans quite understand how FastPay works, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain it here. Interestingly, while this is indeed technology that we’ve always featured since we opened our doors ten years ago, FastPay has become even more important in our new socially distanced world. Previously only in use in our High Limit Lounge, we have now rolled out FastPay to nearly every machine on our casino floor! This truly makes it the quickest and most socially distanced way to win.

No one likes waiting to be paid after finally hitting a jackpot, and this technology completely removes that possibility. In a normal environment, upon winning $1,200 or more on a slot pull, your machine will lock up and you have to wait to be “found” by the floor staff. The subsequent transaction usually involves two separate slot personnel getting pretty close to you… they need to verify the jackpot & your identity, key it off, and finally hand you your cash. With FastPay, after enrolling, once you hit the jackpot, you just type in your PIN number and the jackpot winnings automatically go directly to your machine. You can do that with jackpots all the way up to $100,000.

At the end of your gaming session/day, all of your jackpots are summed up on one W2G tax form that you already signed at the start of your gaming activity. You can collect your paperwork before your trip is over, or as a courtesy, we will mail it to you on a quarterly basis. You do have to opt into using FastPay each day (to sign your W2G form), which can be done just by asking any of our slot floor staff.

The Cosmopolitan already features the most lucrative loyalty program on the strip (Identity Rewards & Membership), the only rooms with incredible fountain view terraces, and this exciting feature continues to streamline our service and also help maintain as much social distancing as possible on the casino floor. With that being said, I hope this has helped you understand a little better why Raja gets paid so quickly when he’s here at The Cosmopolitan, and I hope that you’ll soon visit for a lucky FastPay win too!

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