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Traveling to Prague

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, then you already know about my recent trip to Berlin, and maybe you were just a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to visit any casinos there. I do run a slot channel, after all. Luckily, things changed when we visited Prague: Not only did we have great food and see some amazing sights, we also checked out The Casino Admiral!

Let’s start with the food… Beer was a must in Prague. I never knew that the Czech Republic brewed so much beer, actually. From Plzeňský Prazdroj, to Staropramen, to Budejovicky Budvar, and more, all the beer I tried in Prague was incredible. And it all went great with the food we had. You can see some sausage links in the Facebook album I posted, but the standout dish to me was the pork schnitzel – why can’t they make it so good back here stateside?

And you can bet we needed all that fuel for the amount of walking we did. During one particular day, in 90-degree heat, mind you, we walked all the way to the Prague castle on top of a serious hill; then, we hiked another 14 stories upwards to the top of the church on the castle grounds! Worth it, though. Where else can you see a building that’s 1,150 years old? It’s actually the largest ancient castle in the world, which still blows my mind. Even just walking the old gothic streets and seeing the astronomical clock in the old town square were also highlights for us.

But the main highlight, if you haven’t guessed yet, is still that casino I mentioned in the beginning: The Casino Admiral. Ever been to a casino inside a shopping mall? It was surreal. But even more odd was that, out of everyone entering the casino, they picked my whole crew to be fingerprinted before they would even let us in, hahaha! WTF? Well, at least we got to play, still. In the end, I guess it wasn’t too much different from gambling back home, but it was still nice.

Perhaps I’ll even get to film some slot videos overseas in the future. I guess time will tell…

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