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Slots and depression

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Just as slots can often go hand-in-hand with excitement, so too can slots accompany dangerous levels of depression, if you’re not careful, or if you happen to be genetically pre-disposed to such a condition. After reading this post, if you feel like you’re at risk, please make sure the next thing you do is contact a local health care professional for help. Sure, slot machines are great, but they’re not worth it if they’re making you miserable in the long run. For me, and for plenty of people like me, fortunately, this isn’t the case. But, right now especially, despite the highs we all experience in life, there are plenty of lows going around too, amidst this pandemic and political divisiveness:

Indeed, on the low side, many people have become sick, others have lost loved ones, droves of people are unemployed, and the rest of us are facing pretty severe lifestyle restrictions compared to how things were a year ago. Combine that with the political turmoil in this country, and others, and it’s a recipe to make many people depressed, even without slot losses. But, on the high side, this has left people with a lot more time to spend with family. Of course, if you don’t really get along with your family, that doesn’t help much, but for many people like me – who have positive family experiences – more time with them has definitely been a blessing. And, just as there are highs and lows in life, there are also highs and lows at the casino.

As you probably know, for almost everyone, on the financial side, there are definitely going to be more lows playing slot machines than highs. I mean, why do you think Vegas casinos don’t have balconies in the hotel rooms? (The Comso is an exception – they do have balconies, as you can see here in my luxury room tour; but that’s because The Cosmo was originally meant to be a condo, not a hotel.) Now, admittedly, I don’t upload a ton of videos of my losses (because many people find them way more boring to watch than the wins), but I do have some up on my YouTube channel. And, if you tune in every week for my live streams, then you’re already well aware that I usually do lose. Over time, in fact, I’ve lost way more than I’ve won, just like anyone who plays slots long-term. For me personally, I’ve actually lost millions of dollars. Did you know I once lost $100,000 in just 10 minutes? That was really an all-time casino low for me.

However, that massive loss aside, even when I’m losing, you probably notice that I’m still having fun at the slot machines (most of the time). It’s the experience itself that’s awesome! Whether I win or lose, the games and bonus rounds are crazy exciting – blinking lights, wild sounds, and that non-stop feeling of suspense. And if you ever do win big, that can be a serious adrenaline rush. Did you know I once won $100,000 from just a single spin? That was really an all-time casino high for me.

At the end of the day, as long as you’re not spending more than you can afford to lose when you’re playing slot machines, you can usually avoid depression at the casino, and it can be a great source of joy and fun. But again, if that’s not the case for you, and you’re still depressed during or after slot sessions, then it’s time to seek help. Like, now. Hopefully, that’s not the case for most of you, and – win or lose – you’re able to enjoy the experience like I do. Lord knows, during these trying times, we could all use a little more joy in our lives.


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