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Slot play is NOT a good career path

You see me win all the time in the casino, right? Therefore, playing slots must be a great way to make money, right? Therefore, you should quit your job right now and start playing slots for a living, right?

First of all, contrary to what most people think, just playing slots is NOT my main line of work. (You can learn a bit more if you watch this interview that I did earlier in the year.) As I’ve said before, it’s impossible to make a living playing slots long-term. Now, there are other ways to build a career related to slots, but just playing slots is NOT one of them. Let’s get into it…

Sure, you see me playing slots all the time, but again, that’s not my career. At all. Rather, one of my main companies focuses on affiliate marketing – no connection whatsoever to casinos. Additionally, I own a couple of bars and restaurants, and that takes up a lot of my time too. Beyond that, there are also two other endeavors I’ve pursued: I have a large real estate empire, as well as a vast domain portfolio that I own. These last two might seem quite different from one another, but fundamentally, they’re quite similar – they both take significant investment and maintenance, but for real estate, I now sit back and collect rent from renters, and with the domains, I sit back and collect revenue from people visiting my websites. The point here is that nothing you’ve just read about is related to slots, but all of these paths bring in way more money than slots, and afford me the luxury of being able to play – and lose a LOT of money – as a fun hobby.

Because, when it comes to slots, this can’t be over-stated enough: Nobody makes a living playing slots long-term. NOBODY. As I’ve said, I play mostly as a hobby, and most hobbies, in their raw form – whether you buy old coins or tour roller-coaster parks – are money losers, but we do it because we enjoy it, not to make money. Slots are no different – I lose money just like everyone else. It’s been estimated that most people actually lose seven out of 10 times playing slots, so I’m not playing to make a living; I’d be broke if I did, and so will you if you try.

But it’s not all doom and gloom – in the world of casinos and slot machines, lots of people make a living doing other things besides just playing slots. First of all, you can start a slot channel like I’ve done. It’s a lot of hard work and time invested, but if you’re compelling at all, and different enough from other slot channels, it is possible to make a living from YouTube video ad revenue (not from slot play itself, which will always lose you money!), if you grind it out for a couple of years to build your fan base. This can also potentially open doors for you to become an influencer, where brands might pay you to endorse different products. You could even start your own slot app, as I did a while back.

I’ll admit, though, this is an uphill battle, and it does get harder – with heavier competition – every single day. So you might want to consider other interesting slot-related careers too: Perhaps you could work at a casino? When things are optimal, many people have built strong careers doing this. Or, if you’re really passionate only about the slot machine angle of the casino world, you could always try to find employment at a slot machine manufacturing company – lord knows there are plenty out there.

Whatever you decide to do, always remember that – while there are plenty of peripheral slot activities that can be lucrative as a career – the actual playing of slots itself can never be a career path. So, by all means, keep playing slots as much as you like! But do it as a hobby, not as a career.

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