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Other YouTubers I watch – Part 2

The last time I addressed this topic (in Part 1, here), I shared some other great slot channels with you, as well as some non-slot channels, like Bansai Yama Review, and Josh Holder’s adventure channel. I still love to watch those guys, of course, but since then, I’ve also discovered a few new YouTube channels worth checking out, so I thought I’d share these ones with you, as well. Yes, you’ll find another great slot channel in this blog post, too, but if you’re also interested in investing, and in real crime, then read on…

First, there’s a fairly new channel on YouTube that I personally think is awesome, because there’s FIVE MILLION DOLLARS at stake: It’s called Raja Makes Money. Now, I’m as hetero as they come, but can you blame me for calling this guy a handsome devil? And he’s RICH, too! It’s pretty incredible to see such a huge amount of money put at risk on a daily basis, and there’s also great stock tips here. Plus, he gives you the opportunity to see all of his trades in real time (through his Patreon page), so that you can make the exact same stock trades as him at the exact moments he makes them, if you want to. And a free live stream almost every single day? What more could you want?

Then, there’s Crime Talk with Scott Reisch. This one is particularly personal to me, since I watched Reisch start this channel from scratch, and it’s nice to see how far he’s come along with his podcast, and how far he can continue to go with it. He’s a criminal defense lawyer, so you know his commentary on legal issues are totally legit. I like to watch so I can stay in touch with what’s happening in the criminal justice world, and keep up-to-date with all these crazy legal things happening in the country. Even just recently, he’s been one of the top analysts on the Derek Chauvin/George Floyd trial, the Vallow/Daybell case, the Chris Watts situation, and a whole lot more. I especially like reading the comments on his YouTube videos – it’s fascinating to see how his audience reacts, depending on whether they think the people are guilty or not guilty.

And speaking of guilty, these guys should be locked up quick: The Slot Bandits. They’re a kick-ass new slot channel, and they’ve always been supportive of mine, as well. Pickle is especially fun to watch when he’s not hitting any jackpots; hey, not everyone can be a slot whisperer like yours truly, lol. But the thing I like most about this channel is that there’s such a fun dynamic with this father/son-in-law relationship, getting to spend quality family time together, doing something that they both love anyway. That’s usually what’s going to bring people the most success in life – do what you enjoy, like these guys, do it well, and more often than not, success will come!

That’s how I’ve treated my slot channel anyway, at least. It was just a fun hobby for me at the start, and now it’s a successful endeavor. So, I can only hope that things will continue to grow for The Slot Bandits, as well – they certainly deserve it! Same for Scott Reisch’s Crime Talk channel; in many ways, he’s actually doing us all a public service by bringing to light things about the criminal justice system that nobody else does; very important work, in my opinion. And just as important, there’s that Raja guy I mentioned! If he can make money, then surely you can, as well. But wherever you spend your money, just remember, all three of these YouTube channels (just like every YouTube channel) are free to watch, so I hope you’ll support these awesome people, just as you’ve supported me. Thanks everyone!

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