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My puppy brings so much joy

If only casinos allowed dogs! Then you’d see a whole lot more of my Rhodesian Ridgeback, Brandy. You can actually meet her for a little while in this recent live stream I did (and be patient; she makes her grand entrance after a few minutes) – isn’t she the sweetest puppy ever? If you’ve ever had a dog of your own, you know how much joy then can bring. Not only does she help me with my slot activities (behind-the-scenes, of course), but she’s been a great help to my family, and for my own personal health, as well.

I sure wish I could bring her into casinos, but as you probably know, that’s never gonna happen, because some dogs aren’t always on their best behavior in the casino (and pay close attention to the bottom left corner if you decide to click the link). Instead, she sits by my side almost every time I play my slot app (I guess the sounds relax her, somehow). Also, during my live premieres on YouTube (like this recent one, and this one too), she’ll watch all the slot action right there with me – believe it or not, she even barks at the screen whenever I say “Boom!” Hahaha. These, of course, are things I can do from the comfort of my home, so I’m always happy to have her around for those.

But I’m not the only one she’s been helpful for at home. As you may have heard in some of my past interview videos, Brandy has been a great help for my teenage boys, as they’ve tried to cope with the depression of losing their mother. Plus, Joe has been dealing with a lot lately as he contemplates transitioning into Jolyne – a loyal family pet offers such great, non-judgmental support for just these types of things.

And let’s not forget about the exercise a dog like this needs! You better believe that if me or the boys are ever feeling lazy, she’s quick to snap us right out of that. Together, all of us now get lots of time outside for walks and other fun activities together. Sometimes, Brandy will even throw the ball, and I have to go fetch it.

And when I’m exhausted again after hours of endless ball-chasing, she’s right back there at my side when I return to the computer for another live stream chat. So the next time you’re there online with me, send a shout out to Brandy too, the hero behind-the-scenes. I promise, she’ll bark you right back.

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