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Mistakes I’ve made at the casino

We ALL lose at the casino long-term; there’s just no way around it. Sometimes, you lose small, other times, you lose big – but if you play long enough, you’re always, always going to lose, even if you have the occasional big win. So then, just “losing money” should in no way be considered a “mistake” at the casino – it happens to literally everybody. But if you’re playing for the right reasons, then you should be playing to minimize your losses, enjoy your environment, and have fun playing the games you like. That’s success, and I’ve definitely made mistakes by not adhering to these three things. Hopefully, in reading this, you’ll be able to avoid those exact mistakes.

So how do you minimize losses? One way is to remember that spending the top amount does not guarantee you victory, even if you play for a long time. Sometimes, even I forget this, and I’ve been badly burned in doing so. Don’t do it! No matter how much you’re spending, slot machines have no obligation to pay you anything at all! To be fair, sometimes, on the right games, you can spend enough to finally break even (or at least come within 10% of it), which is why you’ll see me try this sometimes playing Black Widow or Golden Goddess, but it’s a very risky way to play; I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Only bet what you can afford to lose.

But slot machine success isn’t all about how much money you walk away with. You really want to enjoy your environment, or else what’s the point? It may sound strange, but I’m a superstitious guy. If I’m not feeling the vibe, I’m not enjoying myself, and if I’m not enjoying myself, a major slot loss stings that much more. If someone near me rubbing me the wrong way, I should really just exercise more self-control, walk away, and stop playing – but it’s harder than you think!

Another hard thing for me, in particular, is balancing playing the games I like (including Black Widow and Golden Goddess) versus the games fans like (such as Top Dollar). I guess this isn’t a problem most people really have to deal with, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you to play your favorite games rather than games you think you should play for other reasons. Some high-payout games are unbelievably boring, while others have kick-ass bonuses and features, and just don’t pay out as often. Since you’re probably going to lose anyway, I recommend the latter option – fun is paramount.

Look, there are plenty of other mistakes you’re likely to make playing slots, but as long as you’re betting smart and having a great time, none of the other mistakes matter all that much. You only have one life, so get out there and do what makes you happy – don’t kick yourself later because you didn’t.

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