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Why I play live for such a long time

What’s the longest live stream you’ve ever watched? Was it an hour? Two hours? Maybe you watched my three-hour Thanksgiving live stream? Or maybe you put your life on hold to watch my SIX-hour live stream from San Manuel Casino a couple of years ago (where, incidentally, I won more than 21 jackpots!). The bottom line, as you can probably tell, is this: I like to play live, and I like to play live for a long time. It makes sense, doesn’t it? With the things that you do for fun, don’t you want the fun to last? Maybe you lose track of time sometimes? For me, it’s both of those things, and also, the longer I make my live streams, the more content I get to share with you guys!

It shouldn’t be any surprise… For most of the things that humans like to do, we like to do them for as long as possible. I spend a lot of time with my kids, I play hockey for hours on end, and I play live slots as long as I possibly can, lol. With live slots, the costs do add up, but I’ve been fortunate enough with my businesses that I’m able to afford playing high limit slots for long periods of time. I do try to budget smartly, but sometimes, when I’m getting carried away with the fun, I’ll surpass my initial budget, as I did back in November with this three-hour live stream. (I don’t recommend this for most people, though – sticking to your original budget is always the safest practice.)

Other times, I’ll just lose track of time. You’ve been there too, I’m sure. You’re playing, playing, playing, and – if you’re anything like me – you’re losing, losing, losing. But the thrill is still there, isn’t it? You’ve only been playing for about 90 minutes now, right? WRONG. Check your watch again… Four and a half hours has just gone by, hahaha! Where did the time go?

Finally, at the end of the day, as much as I love to play slots, what I really enjoy the most is the fact that I’m providing entertainment for you! I think it’s also one of the important things that separates my slot channel from the others out there. Each channel has its pros and cons. For me, I like showing you BIG slot spends and LONG live streams, like this one.

Look, if I’m super busy, and I’ve only got one hour to kill on a given day, then I’ll just do a one-hour live stream, like I did here in Las Vegas. (Lucky for me, I was still able to double my original $25,000 in that one!) But if I ever find myself with the time and resources to play for five hours straight, then I think we all know what I’m gonna do.

Wouldn’t you?

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