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Why I made a slot app

Now, more than ever, it’s hard – if not impossible – for people to get to the casino to play slot machines. And even when it is easier to go again, will you really be able to go as often as you’d like to? Will you really have the time and money to do that? If the answer is ‘no,’ then slot machine apps are perfect for you. Five minutes here while you’re eating lunch, 10 minutes there while you’re on the can – free slot apps are a perfect way to scratch that itch, without having to invest the time to drive to a casino, or the money to put into (and probably lose playing) a real-world, physical slot machine. But there are already a million and one slot apps out there on the market, so why on Earth would I start my own? Three simple reasons: I wanted higher denominations (I’m The BIG Jackpot, after all, not The Little Bitch), I wanted my favorite styles of slots and customizations all in one place, and I wanted the ability to really connect with and compete against other players – and before I came along, none of the other multitudes of apps had all three of these things. Keep reading, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

You probably know from experience that most other play money slot apps out there have lower betting denominations – maybe you can bet $500 fake dollars, or $1,000 fake dollars, and maybe you can win $10,000 or $20,000 fake dollars. Meh. I mean, it’s all fake money anyway, even on my app, but still, just like everything else, fake money is more fun and exciting when there’s more of it to play with! That’s why The Big Jackpot free app lets you bet $500 million, or $10 billion, or even $750 trillion! It sounds ridiculous (and of course, it is), but don’t knock it until you try it! I’m telling you, there’s no feeling on the planet like winning a quintillion dollars. (Yes, that’s a real number – look it up.)

And why not win a quintillion dollars on a game that’s actually fun, too? So many other apps have slot machines which, frankly, suck. But I’ve been around. I’ve played hundreds of real life slot machines. And so I picked the best elements from all my favorites and loaded them into The Big Jackpot app. Trust me, you’re not going to find one free app out there with games like Candy Craze, Raja Gold, The Big Jackpot 777, Slot Ladies, Zombie Rush, and more all in the same place. And you’ll have even more trouble finding a way to use paid customization and boosters to get the games just the way you want them. I tried. I couldn’t find it. So I made it myself.

And since I was making it myself, I wanted to be able to connect with other like-minded slot enthusiasts. So few apps really let you do that to the full extent that it’s possible. With mine, I’ve really tried to give you the ability to make connections with other players, and with me and my team! In fact, some of the most popular features are the prize contests we personally run every single day. Who else does that? Spoiler alert: Nobody. I checked.

So, if building those kinds of connections appeals to you like it does to me, and if you like a nice variety of the best slots, customizations, and boosters out there, and if you like winning 500 billion dollars (even if it’s play money), all for free, then you really need not look any further than my very own slot app I’ve been talking about. In a way, I guess this entire blog post has just been one long advertisement for The Big Jackpot slot app. But hey, if you download it for free, and you’re having fun, and you can play slots from the comfort of your home during these troubling times, do you really care?

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