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Stop spreading lies – It’s MY OWN MONEY

If you repeat a lie often enough, does it eventually become true? I guess some of my critics think so, because some of them just won’t shut up. I’ll bet you’ve seen commenters on my YouTube channel or my Facebook page say things like, “Raja only goes to casino X or plays game Y because they pay him to do it – he’s a shill!” Seriously, people? You really think I need casino money? Not to brag, but my businesses outside of gambling are crushing. And even when I occasionally do a sponsored video (which is very rare), I always declare it upfront. I’m not “hiding” anything, as these liars try to peddle.

I don’t need a casino’s money. I’m already a multi-millionaire. I say this not to boast about how much money I have, but only so that you understand that I don’t need money from casinos. I made and saved a lot of money from my bulk email business. I made and saved a lot of money from my ringtone business, and I continue to make and save a lot of money from restaurants, real estate, website domains, and affiliate marketing. Slots are a hobby for me, and with my consistent high-limit spending, no casino could ever offer me enough payment to cover my slot losses – I play for fun, not for profit.

Heck, just this year alone, from another one of my hobbies (which I’ve also now turned into a YouTube channel, called Raja Makes Money), I’ve already turned five million dollars into six-and-a-half million dollars strictly from day trading. That’s 1.5 MILLION dollars in profit, people. Do you really think any casino would pay an influencer anything even close to that to promote their establishments?

As I said earlier, occasionally, casinos or slot machine companies do pay me a nominal fee to promote their casinos or games. And even though I don’t need the money, it helps me to offset some of the expenses of running The Big Jackpot YouTube channel. But either way, I’d estimate that this accounts for less than 1% of all my video content, and when it does happen, I always declare it at the start of my YouTube videos, as you’ll see when I’m at Choctaw next week, helping to promote some new slots made by Scientific Games. But in those instances, there’s nothing “hidden” about it. And if you don’t see me mentioning a promotional relationship, that means there isn’t one there.

Really, with the amount of money I make, do you seriously think I need the couple of thousand that casinos or slot machines companies offer me from time to time? I have a slot channel because it’s fun. Overall, playing slots for me (and anyone, really), is a HUGE money loser. No amount of “paid promotion” could ever cover my slot losses. So, the next time you see someone definitively saying that they know I get paid to push something in all my videos, first, in the kindest possible way, please tell them to shut their traps (somebody’s got to), and second, show them this blog post, and maybe they’ll learn to shut their traps all by themselves. Good luck!

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1 Comment

Steven Place
Steven Place
Mar 03, 2021

We love ya Raja. I've always loved to play slots, it's just fun. This past year has been tough on a lot of people and seeing you out and about. Just makes me realize, no matter what the circumstances. You still have to live your life and enjoy it while you can. Hopefully, at some point in the future, I'll get to meet you and get my lucky coin. Until then, stay true to yourself, we wouldn't want it any other way!!

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