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One MILLION! Do I have your attention now? No, I’m not talking about one million dollars this time (although, if you’re interested in huge money swings, I did discuss that topic here, and I’ve also put five million dollars at stake on my other, investing channel, Raja Makes Money). But I digress. The ‘million’ I’m referring to this time is views; specifically, video views on YouTube from a single video. That’s not easy to do! Fortunately, my slot channel has been the recipient of so many incredible viewers like you, and a whole lot of luck, as well. So, in today’s blog post, I’m going to recap a small handful of my videos that have been seen more than a million times each, and I’ll tell you why I think that may be.

First, let’s talk about my absolute most popular video, where we spent $3,000 on Dragon Link. We shot this one a while ago, but it just won’t die. How come? I attribute it to two reasons: First, Lucky Nancy! Need I say more? It might not be accurate, but I feel like she must have been around when I hit most of my biggest jackpots. Second, it was an incredible, huge group pull; these are always tons of fun to participate in, but if you can’t be there in person, they’re almost just as fun to watch. Who doesn’t like the prospect of a big group of people, all participating in the same thing, hoping to win something big?

Speaking of big, how about 100 spins at $250 a pop? That video has also done over a million views so far, and I guess it makes sense. Max betting really isn’t seen often enough, and Lightning Link games are wildly popular (and with good reason). And when there’s that much money at risk, it’s extremely exciting to watch, and cheer along, hoping for a massive bonus win.

Even bigger (but somehow, not quite as popular) are the $500 and $1,000 bets that I did in this Top Dollar video. Now that is crazy, right? This video also has a ton of bonus games, which are always exciting to see. Don’t you wish you had a video compilation of some of your own best slot bonuses? Well, don’t worry – live vicariously through me.

My next million-view video tells its own tale, and you can easily understand why so many people like it… This video contains the 10 BIGGEST JACKPOTS of my life (at least at the time we put that video together). This one has it all: massive jackpots (especially my very last hit on Golden Goddess), and another crazy appearance from Lucky Nancy! I swear, this woman truly brings me luck. Please, for the love of god, find your own Nancy, and bring her to your local casino ASAP!

Then, we get into this video with outrageous $1,000 spins! Besides me, have you ever seen anyone do $1,000 slot spins, either in person or online, and live, for that matter? Sure, it happens, but it’s very rare, and because so few others have done it, people like to watch me do it. Plus, lots of big bonus hits during this session make the video extra entertaining to watch, so I can’t blame you if you do.

Finally, almost every slot fan loves Huff N’ Puff (and other Lock It Link games), and this video really does have the biggest Lock It Link Bets. And with three amazing bonus hits ($11K, $15K, and $16K), why would you ever stop watching it? And who do you think makes another guest appearance in that one? You guessed it: Nancy.

Are you noticing a common thread here? I sure am. Her name starts with an “N,” and ends with a “Y.” And with some more good fortune, you’ll hopefully see her in many more of my videos in the years to come, bringing me many, many more jackpots. So please, tell your friends about my videos, and about Nancy, too. Those are just six of my videos with over a million views apiece, but I have a lot more that are worth watching, and with your help in spreading the word, we can bring this fun to everyone!

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