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My plan to top my BIGGEST jackpot

You’ve seen my $100,000 high-limit slot machine jackpot by now, haven’t you? Pretty crazy, right? Well, since then, I’ve dumped a LOT more money into slot machines (certainly far more than I’ve won, as is the case with all long-term slot players). I’ve hit a lot of big jackpots, but I just haven’t been able to top that $100K win. Well, that’s because I never really had a plan, until now…

First thing’s first: I’m only going to play on weekends from now on. That’s a very different strategy than what I’ve been doing for the last many months. As you can see, I’ve been playing mostly on weekdays, like in this live stream, and this one, and this one, too. Well, that ends today. From now on, only weekend play. Surely, that’s a good strategy to top my biggest jackpot so far, because weekends are when most people hit jackpots, statistically.

Another thing: I’m only going to play between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM from now on. With this recent live stream, and this one too, I was always playing around 6:00 PM Pacific Time. BIG mistake. I’ve since learned that most jackpots are statistically won between 11:00 PM and 12:00 AM. Why? I don’t know, precisely. But it’s a numbers game, and I’m playing the wrong one. I’ve gotta switch it up.

Finally, I’m only going to play games with the work “Link” in the title. So, no more Brazil, no more Black Widow, no more Golden Goddess. Instead, only Dragon Link, Lock It Link, Ultimate Fire Link, Lightning Link, Money Link, and so on. It’s the Link slots that pay out most often, probably because they want to link you up with more cash – great publicity for them.

ALSO! And most important…

JUST KIDDING! Nobody can “PLAN” to win a jackpot. We all lose long-term, like said. If it happens, it happens. But literally nothing I mentioned above has ANY bearing on whether you win or not. You can’t really control it. The only thing that matters is luck, and – of course – getting that 8.2% extra edge (that you always hear me talking about) by maxing out the volume on any machine you play. That part is science. The rest: Pure nonsense. Had you, didn’t I?

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1 Comment

Chris ten Den
Chris ten Den
Apr 27, 2021

I thought you were going to say you would just play on weekends and save up the weekday money to bet Huger on the weekends.

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