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To get anything done right long-term, you really need to have a good team. You can’t do absolutely everything yourself; so, lucky for me, my team is the absolute best – and, as it turns out, the funniest, too! But how can you go about assembling a good team? Well, just like most things, it’s really a combination of luck, opportunity, and underlying experience. For my slot channel, I have a lot of help, but three of the people that you’re probably most familiar with are Brian of Denver (a/k/a/ BoD), Tee Winn, and J-Money. These guys are essential to the operation. But funny enough, I didn’t have to search high and low to find these guys. There are really just two main ‘hubs’ that brought us all together.

The first ‘hub,’ as I call it, is one of my primary passions in life: hockey. I’ve actually hired about 20 different people through that outlet. I’m always looking for who’s early/on-time in the locker room, and that usually means I can trust their work ethic, too. One of these people was Brian – he actually scalped me some playoff tickets about 12 years ago, and that further cemented my confidence in his sales abilities. Of course, we tease him a lot – as all friends do (shout-out to Bad Luck Brian!) – but ultimately, dude is a real class act. He’s originally from Indiana and he zones out sometimes, but we don’t hold these things against him, lol. As many of you probably know from your first-hand experience in communicating with him directly, BoD handles most of the operations and bookings for my cruises. He is unbelievably organized with everything (and especially with travel), and I don’t know where I’d be without him. His positive energy truly rubs off on all who work with him.

And that includes Tee – I’m actually not sure if I’ve met a more positive guy in my life. Rarely do I hear him complain. Originally from Colorado, Tee has a variety of nicknames: sometimes we’ll call him ‘T420’ (because he always looks high, doesn’t he?); other times, he’s ‘Taxi Tee,’ because of his affinity for driving me to the casino (thanks Tee!). But whatever he’s doing, he’s always got a smile on his face. Believe it or not, I bumped into him randomly and hired him for my other business almost right away. Where, you might ask? Well, that brings us to the second ‘hub’ I mentioned earlier: my club, Platinum 84. Tee was (and still is) a very good customer there, hahaha. Google Platinum 84, if you’re curious, and you’ll see why I’m laughing a little bit.

And that very same hub brings us to J-Money… Also a Colorado native, J-Honey (as the ladies like to call him) was brought into the club by a third-party company that was building some stage props for us a while back; Money was making videos for them part-time. But I liked his work so much that I asked him to start making videos for us too, and really, the rest is history. As you can see in this recent documentary about my last cruise (not to mention all of my other videos that he puts together), J-Money’s editing skills are top notch, and it’s really a honor to have him onboard.

Well, I hope it’s obvious by now that each of these guys has a unique – but invaluable – skillset that they bring to the table; I don’t know how I could do this without them. And with that, the next time you bump into BoD, Tee, or J-Money, please take a moment to show your appreciation for everything they do for this channel; they work so hard, and don’t always get the credit they deserve. Of course, it’s okay to tease them a little bit – just not too much. That’s my job.

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