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Maybe I’ll quit slots

You guys probably know how much fun I have playing slots. At least, I used to. Lately, I’ve been giving some serious consideration to quitting slots completely. What’s something that you love to do? What if I told you that thing you love is going to become increasingly more difficult and time-consuming to do? Would you still want to do it? That’s what’s happened with slots in the last few months. I understand, of course…New, inconvenient precautions have been introduced in the name of safety. But if you sanitize something enough, that thing itself can be a real pain, and frankly, that’s what’s been happening with slots, for me anyway. From having to wear masks in almost every casino, to having to socially distance from the people close to me, to having to navigate between every other slot machine being turned off, slot play just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

I know this sounds like a lot of complaining over nothing at all. But there’s a point when a fun thing just isn’t fun anymore, and I really think we’re getting pretty close to that, with the excessive mask craze that’s happening everywhere right now. Sure, masks are probably helpful in slowing the spread of COVID-19, but man, in a hot casino, with a camera on you the whole time, it gets to be uncomfortable – not terribly uncomfortable, mind you, but still, a nuisance that I didn’t have to deal with in the past. And long live streams make it especially difficult. Could you imagine what it would have been like to try to talk for six hours straight with a mask on during this crazy live stream? It’s also a pain to have to remember to bring an extra thing with me on every trip. What if I forget a mask one day, and can’t find one quickly? Well, then there goes a whole trip down the drain, with no content to film, and no videos to show you guys.

Another great thing about my past videos has been seeing a bunch of my crew members huddled up together in front of the machine, cheering for JACKPOTS! Well, that’s a thing of the past now. I also like shaking peoples’ hands when they approach me at the casino, but that’s frowned upon now, too. Frankly, casinos just don’t have that same crazy vibe with everyone spaced out nowadays. And no longer am I permitted to make out with the stranger at the machine next to me.

Obviously, I’m joking about that last one, but there’s still some truth in the general idea: There are no longer strangers at machines next to me, because the machines next to me are now turned off. There’s just a general loss of vibe when you’re not hearing big wins anymore on your left or on your right – it’s kind of sad, really. Plus, when the casino is turning off about half the machines, that’s making it harder and harder for me to find my favorite ones. A lot of them are now in use when the casinos are busy (so I have to wait longer to play them), or some of them are simply powered down completely.

I know, I know. None of these things are really that much of a pain if you examine each one on its own. But when you add them all up, it really makes me wonder if it’s worth it to keep playing slots. One thing I used to love about slot play was the freedom of it all. It used to be that I could play how, when, and where I wanted. Sure, one small nuisance isn’t a big deal at all. But 20 nuisances all piled on top of each other make me consider quitting, at least until this whole thing blows over, and I can get back to playing how, when, and where I want. Safety is important, but there is such a thing as going too far. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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Tom Jeffrey
Tom Jeffrey
Oct 01, 2020

I understand the frustrations Raja. Caryn & I go through it when we visit Choctaw Resort & Casino in Durant OK ( But, we still manage to have a good time and get in a fun evening now and then. You might just need to slow the pace down a little bit until this thing gets under control and life to get back to some sibilance of normal again.

Please don't quite completely on us! We love watching you play!

One of these days we want to try to get you visit Choctaw with us. Perhaps after they complete and open the new hotel and casino that's currently under construction (

Stay safe my friend!


Derek Dixon
Derek Dixon
Sep 29, 2020

I Def agree!Offers have been horrible lately and it’s even hard too get a drink!Also they seem extra tight!

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