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JACKPOTS long forgotten

Have you looked at my YouTube channel lately? Have you noticed how many videos I have up there? I’ll save you the trouble. It’s 2,200 +. Yes, more than TWO THOUSAND videos! Can you remember 2,200 of anything? I can’t. There are some serious jackpots that I had forgotten all about until someone pointed them out to me recently, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you:

First, I can’t believe I forgot about this December 2018 Dancing Drums experience: As you can see, I was making some pretty big bets at The Cosmo (as I often do), when all of a sudden… boom Boom BOOM! Massive hit for almost $25,000! What’s really crazy about this is that I just recently had another huge win playing Dancing Drums, but at the time, I forgot all about that $25,000 hit! Can you blame me, though? If you haven’t played Dancing Drums before, I highly recommend it. The game is very volatile, but extremely fun to play, especially when you pick the mystery bonus round.

Another great bonus round I forgot all about? Invaders Return from The Planet Moolah, back in October 2018. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a game give me so many bonus rounds in my life. Plus, based on the amount bet, this was actually my largest percent win ever! Can you believe this lasted for over an hour? Crazy, right? And yet, somehow, I forgot all about it.

Now with this one from May 2017, maybe it’s a bit more understandable that I could have forgotten it, since Shadow of The Panther isn’t my absolute favorite game from the older IGT library. But still, I do enjoy playing it. Fortunately, I did actually have a bigger hit more recently – that one was pretty crazy too! Interesting side fact: Pay attention the next time you see a Black Widow Machine. More times than not, I bet you’ll see Golden Goddess, Cats, and Shadow of The Panther right next to it.

But I digress; and maybe that’s the reason I forget about some of these jackpots. I’ve got a lot of slot action on my mind constantly, not to mention many other things going on, too. Still, at least I’ve been able to document all of the insanity. Hey, if Alzheimer’s ever strikes, I guess I can just go back and watch this playlist that has most of my big wins. And I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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