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East Coast slots or West?

Unfortunately, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been able to run my Slot Fest East or Slot Fest West events. I truly miss those, and hopefully, we’ll get them going again soon. But thinking about those has also got me thinking… What do I even prefer? Do I like playing slots more on the East Coast or the West Coast? What about you? I’ll run through some of my experiences on BOTH coasts, and then maybe we can decide which is better.

On the East Coast, one of the definite highlights, of course, is Atlantic City. It was only a few months ago that I was doing $100 spins there. And fortunately, I did land a MASSIVE handpay there. (Sky Rider is super fun, after all.) I was also in Atlantic City (at Hard Rock) more recently, too – just a few weeks ago. (And you can watch that live stream here, if you’re curious.) And let’s not forget that Hard Rock Hollywood, in Florida, is also on the East Coast. That’s where I recently won over $10,000 from MULTIPLE handpays! Always a good time. And then, I was just in Maryland, too, live streaming in this video, and this one, as well. So, it’s a tough call, for sure.

Especially when we compare those wins to all the good times I’ve had on the West Coast, that makes this decision especially difficult. Reno is basically on the West Coast, and that’s one of the biggest gambling hubs in the country. Some of my BIGGEST Dragon Link jackpots happened in Reno, in fact (and you can watch them here). And live play there is always exciting, like when I visited Atlantis just this past March. But the ultimate – the Mecca of gambling around the world – is obviously in one place, and one place alone, and that’s Las Vegas. I mean, I JUST hit two Huff N’ Puff handpays there, playing with $100 spins. Plus there was this CRAZY Buffalo handpay there recently, and what about earlier in the year, when we did $1,000 SPINS with $75,000 in?!

I guess once Vegas enters the equation, the choice starts to become a little clearer for me. But what about you? I know that not everyone loves Las Vegas - you probably got to this blog post through my Facebook page, or my Twitter account, or my Instagram feed, so feel free to discuss your own personal favorite coast in the comments there. And, as always, anytime you’re looking to catch me live on either coast, feel free to have a look at my online calendar – I’ll hope to see you at the casino soon!


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