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Debunking casino myths – Part 1

When it comes to casinos and slots, you’ve probably heard every rumor out there, just like I have: people claiming to know the best ways to win money, people claiming to know how casinos ‘scam’ you, people claiming to know which machines pay better than others. The thing is, some of the rumors you’ve heard are true, and many of them just aren’t. So how do you know which are which? I don’t really have time here today to address them all (nor do I have all the answers), but I will touch on three common ones in this particular blog post, all related to making money on slot machines.

First, so many people still try to touch the slot screens in ‘just the right way,’ thinking this will help them win. In general, this is just a bad idea (since germs are everywhere), but especially now, in the post-COVID era, why would you ever try to do this? The truth is that slot machines DO NOT CARE IF YOU TOUCH THEM. They are MACHINES after all, and this is true for ALL machines, except maybe C3PO.

Another thing I’ve heard often is that ‘slot machines pay best on weekends.’ If you follow rumor logic, this sort of makes sense, since that’s when most people are there, and that’s when a big win would have higher visibility and attract more people to play. I mean, I think even I had my biggest slot win ever on a weekend too. But that’s just coincidence. Despite these things, this rumor simply isn’t true either. Do you know how long it would take for machine techs to ‘loosen’ every single machine on every casino floor and do this every single weekend? It’s just not physically possible. Face it: your odds of winning are the same all the time.

Finally, I think fewer and fewer people are believing this as more time passes, and that’s a good thing, but too many people still think that playing slots is a great way to get rich. Spoiler alert: It’s not. I lose way more often than I win (and sometimes, those losses are big). And this is also the same for every other slot channel I’ve ever heard of. But if they’re anything like me, their fans also don’t like watching video after video of non-stop losses, and so most of us edit out many of the losses, because the wins are just more exciting for people to watch. But make no mistake: Slots are a great way to lose money, while still having fun, though, as I always do.

So please, keep these things in mind when you’re deciding how, when, and if you should play slots. Being realistic and having the right information goes a long way.

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