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Boo, no slot events

WHEN WILL THIS END? Look, I’m grateful that many casinos are open again, and we can do our incredible, high-limit live streams once more. But I really miss hosting my group dinners like I used to – nowadays, most restaurants won’t seat parties greater than six people. Plus, some of my best videos were so exciting because there were so many people cheering me on. Mostly, I just miss the slot events I used to be able to bring you guys: our slot cruises, our Slot Fests, and our group pulls. I guess it’s not all bad news, though. I mean, you probably haven’t seen all of my event videos, so let me walk you through some of my favorites.

First, our cruises! These were EPIC. Once this whole thing is over, if you’ve never been on a cruise before, you really need to check it out, slots or no slots. Obviously, I prefer the cruises with slots. In this one that we did, we had a HUGE $5,000 group pull at sea! Down the road, we had to step it up even more in this video, with a $6,000 cruise group pull – Spin It Grand is always nuts. But the most amazing slot cruise experience I ever had was HITTING THE GRAND ON A BOAT! Do you know what the odds are for something like that? Not very likely, I can tell you that much. Still, the odds of hitting the grand on a boat were significantly higher back then than they are now, because the chances of winning right now are ZERO. Man, I miss slot cruises.

Almost as much, I miss our Slot Fests. When there’s no pandemic we do two every year: Slot Fest East and Slot Fest West. At this Slot Fest West, for example, we had some MASSIVE wins. It was absolutely insane. But Slot Fest East was not to be outdone. In this Slot Fest East video, not only did we hit some record-breaking jackpots, but we hit them LIVE, which is always more exciting, right? Even last year, we upped the ante significantly, with a $20,000 group pull at Slot Fest West! Can’t you feel the energy in that video? I mean, my recent live streams have been fun, but you can’t compare to the energy of that many people playing slots together, right?

And really, that’s what I love most about our group pulls. This is why I do additional group pulls outside of our cruises and Slot Fest events. In fact, I did this one pretty recently, and it was quite entertaining, but you can surely tell the difference between that one and this pre-pandemic group pull, can’t you? Then, there was my first ever HUGE group pull at The Lodge casino, in Colorado – reminds me of how far we’ve come since then. But when it comes to ultimate excitement, if you’re like me, you want to see BIG numbers and BIG pulls. That’s why this $26,000 GROUP PULL at Foxwoods was so insane. We did $500 spins and the crowd was CRAZY!

I mean, THAT’S the stuff I feed off. I thrive from a crowd, as most people do. You think The Rolling Stones have as good a show playing in a Taco Bell as they do at Wembley? Un-bloody-likely. With a little bit of luck, and a lot of safety, hopefully we’ll have this thing under control real soon, so we can get back to the really fun stuff about slots. When we’re able to, I promise I’ll post all the upcoming events right here on my website calendar. For now, I’ll still be doing my live stream events (and you can still find those at the same link), but until we can do the massive events again, I hope the videos I mentioned above will hold you over. Stay safe!

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