A typical day for The Big Jackpot

I’ve seen this misconception far too many times: “Raja, you’ve got it made! All you do is live stream slots all day, every day, and win massive jackpots all the time.” Sure, playing slots is fun, but it only occupies a small portion of my day, and even then, that’s only a few days per week. Mostly, on a typical day, you can find me hanging out with my family, working on my businesses (including the back-end of my slot channel), and yes, sometimes, I’ve been known to play a slot machine or two, hahaha.

As you can tell (if you’ve paid any kind of attention to what I do) my family comes first. Always. Generally, I’ll wake up, and hang out with the twins for a while. I absolutely LOVE being a dad and spending time with them. And fortunately, they’re also lucky enough to see their grandparents several times a year, so in any given month, you can find me kicking it with mom or dad too, when they visit us here in Colorado. And of course, always lurking in the background, there’s Brandy, getting all up in our business.

Speaking of business, you probably already know from a previous blog post that I run several. My slot channel is a business, to be sure, but it’s one of many that I operate. Mostly, I’m running daily operations for my marketing company, or handling decisions for a restaurant I own, or planning for some of the bars I’m involved in. In these challenging times, that’s been extra tricky lately – just recently, a new 10:00 PM ‘last call’ when into effect here in Colorado, so I’ve had a lot on my plate when it comes to the bars. And then, when I have time, I’m working with my team to make decisions about upcoming slot videos, and figuring out which casinos to visit in the coming weeks – it’s a lot for any person.

And if it is a casino travel week (which I tend to do a couple of times a month), a typical day might involve a trip to the airport, and a long flight. (Or, on a non-travel week, it’s still a bit of a trek to my local casinos.) But either way, on those incredible live stream days, one thing is certain: I’ll be playing some amazing slot machines, and I’ll probably be scoring a BIG JACKPOT (or two, or three, or more).

And I wouldn’t want it any other way. In fact, maybe the first part of that misconception about my typical day is actually true, even if the second part isn’t. I don’t live stream slots all day, every day, but with an awesome family, fulfilling work, and yes, some high-limit slots a couple of times per week, I guess I really do have it made.


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