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2020 recap!

2020 – wow, what a year! A lot of negative stuff happened (covid, political turmoil, US riots, and more), but we like to focus mostly on the positive, and what could be more positive than JACKPOTS, right? Luckily, we had plenty of those this year! In the coming weeks, I’ll be breaking down all of those wins in a ‘Top 30 of the Year’ video series, but for now, let’s look at some of the highlights. Also, I thought now might be a good time to offer a summary of all my blog posts from the last year, so you can use this post as a reference guide, in case you may have missed any.

But first, the JACKPOTS. The good news: I added it all up, and I pulled in well over $1,000,000 in jackpots in 2020! The bad news: I lost a lot more (and I didn’t even keep track of precisely how much). But again, we play for fun, not for profit, and I didn’t lose anything that I couldn’t afford.

It’s probably no surprise to you, but my biggest jackpot this year happened on one of my favorite games: Golden Goddess! At $500 per spin, I pulled a $20,100 jackpot (which you can watch here). That same game brought me a $15,000 payout in a different video, and I also won $15,000 playing Black Widow, another fave. Probably the best ROI was a $13,094 jackpot from just a $15 spin, playing Lock It Link: Diamonds – you can watch that video right here. Dragon Cash was also good to me at The Cosmo – a massive $12,300 win in this November video was a highlight for the year, for sure! Another big $9,150 Golden Goddess jackpot makes this July video worth seeing, if you haven’t yet. And how about this $8,500 win playing Top Dollar: Double Diamond? And finally, rounding out the year, I won about $8,000 each time playing Buffalo Gold: Revolution, Wheel of Fortune: Double Diamond, and Triple Triple Bonus Poker at three different casinos at various points in the year, so you’ll surely want to have a look at those too.

Of course, tons more jackpots, too, but this is a blog post, not a novel, so if you want to see all of my jackpots, we’re always compiling them into this YouTube playlist – feel free to have a look!

And then, as promised, it was quite a year for blog posts, too. Here’s that summary I told you about earlier, with all the links conveniently in one place. If any of these catch your eye, feel free to click for more:

I guess I didn’t realize it as it was happening, but that’s a lot of blogging, right there! And in 2021, there’s a lot more to come, plus a ton more jackpots, too. So, I hope you’ll join me, and I’ll look forward to more good fortune with all of you – and hopefully, an end to all the negative stuff – for a positive coming year.


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